Azmira’s Holistic Animal Care – Mega Pet Daily

Product Description

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Multiple nutritional supplementation
  • Disease prevention, chronic ailments, rehabilitative or preventative support
  • For dogs, cats, birds and small mammals
  • 60 tablets per bottle

Each 2 capsules contains: Vitamin A (15,000 I.U.), Vitamin C (250mg), Vitamin D (400 I.U.), Vitamin E (150 I.U.), Thiamin (100mg), Riboflavin (100mg), Niacin (100mg), Vitamin B-6 (100mcg), Folic Acid (400mcg), Vitamin B-12 (100mcg), Biotin (100mg), Pantothenic Acid (100mg), Calcium (50mg), Iron (18mg), Iodine (150mcg), Magnesium (7mg), Zinc (15mg), Selenium (25mcg), Copper (250mcg), Manganese (6.1mg), Chromium (25mcg), Potassium (10mg), Choline (100mg), Inositol (100mg), P.A.B.A. (100mg), Bioflavonoids (25mg), Rutin (25mg), Glutamic Acid (25mg), Betaine HCI (25mg), Hasperidin (5mg), Chlorophyll (2mg), Lecithin (1mg) in a base of Alfalfa, Watercress, Parsley, and Rice.


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